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https://www.franchise.city/totally-nutz If you have been searching for a low cost, unique and fun food franchise to run , where some operators have recouped their entire investment in as little as two months, yes ROI in as little as 60 days – stay tuned today on Franchise City

Most clients that call us initially think they want a food franchise. That’s what we see the most of in our own towns, its the most visible type of franchise. After discovering the financial requirements however many people realize that they are not sufficiently capitalized to open a location. When you consider your build out costs, franchise fees, leasehold improvements, employee and leasing costs, it isn’t hard to reach $400-$500,000 to open a food franchise, and that is not including your real estate.

Today’s franchise however is much lower, starting at about $60,000 all in. As noted in their Franchise disclosure documents – in certain situations the initial investment can be recouped in as little as two months. Many operators choose to run the business part time and take months off throughout the year to spend with family or go on vacations so it is a very flexible, lifestyle friendly business. So Robert what is the name of this franchise that is low cost, fun to operate that could potentially see your money back in 30 days? The name of the company is Totally Nutz.

If you haven’t already guessed the Totally Nutz franchise specializes in freshly roasted and glazed nuts. Matt & Yvette Barker started roasting Cinnamon Glazed Almonds back in in 1990 and formed Totally Nutz in 1992. Since that time their carts have attended events ranging from the Olympics to the World Series selling their one of a kind fresh roasted and glazed nuts to the public.

After expanding to 10 very successful locations Totally Nutz decided to franchise in 2014, they brought on their first franchisee in 2015 and now are expanding across the country, and they are really growing incredibly fast currently they are awarding on average about two new locations every month, and are looking for passionate entrepreneurs to own their own Totally Nutz franchise in their city. For as low as $60,000 entrepreneurs can own their own Totally Nutz business.

What is truly appealing is there are three options for an owner. 1. The Traveler model which is priced at approximately $30,500. This is the ultra-mobile option for venues like fairs, festivals, or farmers markets. The Traveler is portable enough to be transported to pretty much any event sites. 2. The Event model is priced at approximately $32,500. This is a mobile option which is suited for larger, semi-permanent locations such as stadiums, arenas, and ballparks. and finally The Kiosk model is priced at approximately $69,000. This also is a semi-permanent setup. Ideal for mall locations, or consecutive event locations, such as sporting events, airports and convention centers. You can set up a semi permanent kiosk in a mall, or operate a mobile cart that will attend major events. You can potentially keep your job and work part time at events like farmers markets, festivals or shows. You can also expand to several carts or kiosks and grow your empire as large as you choose. Or, you can work hard a few months out of the year, and take the rest of the year off to spend with family or vacation. This is a completely scalable franchise, and very flexible to accommodate any ownership preference

Totally Nutz likes to speak about their “built in marketing” which is the highly appealing smell of roasted nuts. • Any venue you are in you will be attracting customers from a very wide territory. ” Totally Nutz is the perfect companion for cheering on your favorite team, attending a convention, or enjoying your favorite band. There are multiple revenue streams with A Totally Nutz Franchise – an additional revenue stream is gift boxes which are excellent choices for special occasions, recognizing clients and employees and saying thank you. Let’s watch a short promo video for Totally Nutz

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