Space & Equity Corp. has multiple verticals: Scooters Coffee, Come Correct Consulting, and the Come Correct podcast. This is their Official Announcement that the Scooters Vertical has begun!

CEO, Obi Chukwumah explains Scooter’s Franchise Coffee business model and the process they are going through to purchase land and build their first location.

The Space & Equity team is on-site of the first of five franchises that they will own and operate! Scooters is a franchise coffee shop that promotes fast & friendly service through a drive-thru lane and Space & Equity is excited to join the family!

Watch the Come Correct Consulting podcast to learn how to build relationships in commercial banking, hear discussions between thought-leaders about building wealth in the black community, and much more. For info on black business ownership, commercial banking, building wealth, black business ownership, and networking amongst top names. Subscribe to Space&Equity today!

Amongst other things, Space&Equity aims to increase networking and build equity in the space of black-owned real estate and commercial real estate, increase knowledge and gain power with expertise in real estate brokerage and ultimately produce a black community that’s well-versed and armed with the tools needed to succeed in commercial banking, real estate, financing, and lending and business ownership.

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