Thursday 30th September 2021 – Enhanced Partnership or Franchise: What’s your next destination? Hosted by Landor LINKS LIVE in partnership with Freeths LLP

Session Chair: Jane Cole, Managing Director, Blackpool Transport
Frank Suttie, Director, Freeths LLP
Daniel Mansfield, Director Public Services Advisory, Grant Thornton UK LLP
Martijn Gilbert, Managing Director, Go North East

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Panel-based webinar tackling the question of Enhanced Partnerships or Franchise, under the Government’s National Bus Strategy.

Each of our expert speakers will be given the opportunity to provide introductory comments – highlighting their ambitions for local transport in the light of opportunities created by the plans for Enhanced Partnerships and Franchising but also speaking to the challenges and risks that arise from disruption to the existing privatised business model.

This 90-minute event will provide informed thinking on particular aspects of the steps that will follow once Bus Service Improvement Plans have been submitted to the Department of Transport

The webinar will explore:

• How can the DfT’s anticipated implementation plan be achieved? What obstacles to meeting the target dates exist?

• Why are some operators supportive of franchising but others so concerned as to go to Judicial Review?

• Existing experience of partnerships and how Enhanced Partnerships represent a good further development of the model.

• Is the legislation providing for franchising sufficiently detailed for the model to work – if not what could be missing from the detail?

This expert led webinar concluded with a panel discussion with questions from the audience.